Pool Opening
Posted on Jun 10th, 2021

State and County Pool Restrictions Lifted!
Contra Costa County has released their recommendation that they will be lifting all current COVID restrictions effective June 15 to coincide with the State’s reopening plans. We are happy to announce that this will mean that beginning on June 15 we can resume normal pool operations for the remainder of the summer and will no longer have capacity limitations, reservations or social distancing requirements for use of the pool! 
What does this mean for existing reservation holders?
If you have an existing reservation up until June 14, you can continue to use the reservation that you have. Beginning June 15, the reservation system will go away and we will no longer have limits on when residents can use the pool. If you have a private reservation after June 15, you are still welcome to use the pool, but there may be other residents that are using the pool area as well.
Can I come to the pool whenever I want and stay as long as I want?
Yes! All residents are welcome to come to the pool at any time and can stay for as short or long of a time as they like. There are no longer restrictions on the length of time you can be at the pool or number of times per week you can use the pool.
Do I need to wear a mask at the pool?
Fully vaccinated individuals will not be required to wear a mask outdoors in accordance with CDC and CDPH guidelines. Unvaccinated persons will still be required to wear a mask unless in the pool water or using the showers.
Pool reminders
There are just a couple of items that the Board wanted to remind all owners of to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the pool.
  • Glass containers are not allowed at the pool.
  • Do not use any devices to keep the gate open. The County Health Department requires that the gates remain closed at all times.
  • Please limit the number of guests you bring to the pool to the number allowed in the pool rules (4 per household). This will allow other owners to enjoy the pool as well.
  • Please remember to remove all trash and food scraps when you leave the pool area. If you bring any large pizza or cake boxes, please plan to take the resulting trash home with you for disposal. Small items such as water bottles, paper scraps, etc. can be dumped in the trash cans on site.