Stop Sign on Stoneleaf at Wedgewood
Posted on Dec 12th, 2013

A note from the City of San Ramon Transportaion Specialist PJ Dhoot:

"Over the course of the past seven years that Stoneleaf Road has been open to vehicular traffic, the City has received a number of requests from area residents for action to improve safety, including new stop signs for northbound and southbound Stoneleaf Road at the Wedgewood Road intersection. Staff has responded to each request and has evaluated traffic conditions on the roadway segments near this intersection repeatedly in search of opportunities for improving safety.
In May of 2010, a warrant analysis of the intersection showed that the stop sign warrants in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) were not met. Consequently, options for improvements were limited to other alternatives. Staff has subsequently taken the following actions in the area to improve traffic conditions and safety:
1.    Installed over 280 feet of red curb markings along Stoneleaf Road to prohibit parking and enhance visibility.
2.    Accelerated the installation of two traffic circles along Stoneleaf Road in advance of the planned installation date which would have coincided with the closure of the Dougherty Road connection.
3.    Channelized pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Stoneleaf Road and Basswood Drive, and installed additional pedestrian crossing signage to enhance the crossing.
4.    Installed “One-Way” and “No U-turn” signage at the intersection of Stoneleaf Road and Bayberry View Lane.
5.    Deployed radar trailer to serve as educational component under Residential Traffic Calming Program for over 25 non-consecutive days.
6.    Conducted selective police enforcement to address resident concerns regarding vehicle speeds and pedestrian right-of-way.
7.    Attended the Mosaic Homeowner’s Association (HOA) meeting on January 26, 2010 to explain to residents that stop signs on Stoneleaf Drive would be reconsidered when the MUTCD warrants have been satisfied.
A second stop sign warrant analysis was conducted for the Stoneleaf/Wedgewood intersection based on traffic volume data collected between October 21, 2013 and October 24, 2013. The analysis revealed that traffic volumes and other conditions at this location satisfied the MUTCD warrant criteria. Therefore, staff will install the markings and stop signs required for an all-way stop controlled intersection. To enhance awareness for the new traffic control devices, oversized STOP signs and other visibility enhancement measures will be installed. The installation will be coordinated and scheduled with the City’s Public Services Department."
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