Missing Mailboxes on Beechtree Lane
Posted on Aug 10th, 2016

Last night the HOA was informed that the mailbox on Beechtree Lane that serves your residence was removed.
The HOA was not informed of any work being done on the mailbox and we do not know of any reason that the mailbox would have been removed. We are still in the process of investigating what has happened to the mailbox. If anyone has any information about the mailbox and its whereabouts, please let us know immediately.
As soon as we confirm that the mailbox was not removed by Toll Brothers or the USPS, we will order a new mailbox and have it installed. Once it arrives we will have to coordinate with the USPS to have it installed, to assign boxes to each resident and distribute keys. We anticipate that this could take several weeks. In the meantime, your mail will be held for you at the San Ramon Post Office on Alcosta Blvd.
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